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comment: Before you start trying on suits or gowns, take some time to think about where and how your wedding will take place: If you’re heading outdoors, you won't want to risk a battle of  wills between the wind and your modesty, nor will you be able to keep your gown pristinely clean if you’ll be walking over grass, sand, or ancient brickwork.

Finalise  your gown and suit styles before committing to a particular length of veil, jewelry, or style of waistcoat, necktie or cummerbund. Or, if you have a particular accessory you really want to wear, make sure you take that into consideration as you choose your overall look. It’s much less important to choose clothes that are ‘in style’ with the season, than it is to choose clothes that flatter your figure, and work across the whole bridal party.

Don’t assume that you have to find identical gowns for your whole bridal party - a carefully selected variety of dress style and/or neckline can make them feel more comfortable, and in fact look more cohesive than an assortment of body shapes squeezed into the exact same gown!

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