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Parasols make a great traditional First Anniversary
[cotton or paper] gift!


A parasol is a beautifully practical accessory for weddings,
providing protection from sun or rain, with elegance and style.

The Corner Store exclusively stocks Parasoul parasols
- the best quality available in New Zealand.
Even better, they are made to UNESCO award winning  standards,
 with profits going back to the local community.

82cmWhite(BlackLeaf) 70cmGreenDesign

Waxed cotton parasols are strong, seriously shower-proof,
and come in gorgeous, vibrant colours and two sizes.
70cm diameter $45 /  82 cm diameter $60

SA Paper parasols are light and delicate,
 available in a similar,  softer range of colours. Priced from $45

Thai silk parasols are beautiful, lightweight but still shower-proof.
  Available in ivory only, 70 cm diameter  $75

View the range in store or online at www.parasoul.co.nz


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