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It’s important to get your wedding day makeup right for [at least!] two reasons:

Firstly, you want to *feel like* you look fantastic on your wedding day.
If you're 100% confident in the skill of your makeup artist, and in the products they're using on your skin, you won't waste a single moment fretting about whether you have lipstick on your teeth. In the middle of crying happy tears, the last thing you want to think about just then is whether your mascara is running!

In addition to all of that, you want to KNOW that you'll look great in your photos, [whether they're the cleverly lit multi-megapixel closeups taken by your official photographer, or the multiple candid shots snapped by your family and friends, posted un-edited to FaceBook!].

And, ideally, the process of "getting your wedding day face on" should be a little oasis of pampering and relaxation in the middle of a really busy day.

So - how do you find the makeup artist who can do all of that?

Do your homework! Ask your photographer who they'd recommend - they'll have seen the best and worst of what's on offer locally!
Check out your artist's portfolio online, or ask them if they have one you can browse through.

As you're looking at the pictures, don't worry so much about whether you like the makeup styling in each photo, but consider whether it suits the model. After all, you don't necessarily want a makeup artist who only does a particular style, you want someone who does the best style for each face.
Does the makeup look evenly applied, and blend seamlessly into the neck, shoulders and décolletage.


You should definitely have at least one face-to-face consultation before the big day. It's entirely up to you whether you also book a 'trial makeup' session.

If you're planning an engagement photo shoot, or a glamorous pre-wedding party, that's a great time to do a trial run - not of the exact look for your day, but more to test the wearability of the products, and your make-up artist's working style.

You might even want to have your' trial' before you book your artist - rock along and have them make up your face before you even start talking wedding day makeup. If you like their work, you can confidently go ahead and book them, otherwise, the hunt for a good makeup artist is still on, but without any awkward 'breakup' conversations!

Having the trial closer to the day is probably more important if you have problem skin or your skin is undergoing massive change, like recovering from surgery, undergoing acne treatment, and so on.

_Olivia pink flower water seal mark

Please don't expect your makeup trial to be free - you will use not only their product, but also their time and expertise - and all of that is worth paying for!

When you're booking, make sure you're clear on how many people are included in the booking - you, your bridesmaids, maybe your mother, MIL-to-be or your sisters.

You'll also need an idea of how long to allow in your timeline for the day, not just for the makeup, but also any travel time. Delays at the hair and make-up stage can cause chaos later in the day!

If you're planning a spray tan, manicure or pedicure, don't expect to squeeze all that in 'on the day'!

The Wedding Whisperer recommends Karyn Stratford and Artistic  Beauty Nelson.
Karyn is a beautician and  make-up artist with over 11 years experience in the industry and a wealth of experience in all things beauty. Artistic Beauty uses the USPA and Infinite skincare range which only uses naturally sourced ingredients, free of artificial fragrance, colours, parabens,  beeswax and not tested on animals.Infinite Skincare is a locally  sourced product and is based in Nelson, New Zealand. 
Karyn also uses "Senna" make-up, known for its superb skin perfecting foundations and rich eye colours.

You can also view some of Karyns make-up and styling work here:

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Artistic Beauty offers a variety of packages to you as a bride or with your bridal party.
From facials weeks in advance to prepare your skin for your big day, to full make up, hair and styling packages, call Karyn today to discuss an individual package that suits you and your  needs.

Karyn is here to help and advise you  in a professional manner call her now on 03 545 8480.

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