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Whatever your style, theme or colour scheme, we have a favor to match it.

You can find all kinds of boxes [from as little as 90c each!]
as well as practical presents, or sentimental keepsakes, at the Wedding Whisperer

Ask about options for printed favors, banners, signs,
favor boxes, and other personalized items.

Listed below are just a tiny fraction of the range of the favors and gift items available. If you’re looking for something specific, please e-mail us with your query, and we’ll send you a heap of options and ideas!

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favor boxes
Details: available in all shapes, sizes, colors, from light card to PVC. Custom made in NZ. Italian fiorami boxes also available 
Price: from $0.90c each

 woven mini kete
Details: tiny but sturdy woven bags. Natural tones.
Size: 6.5x5cm tall
Price: $4.00 each

favor tins w- clear lid
Details: round or heart shaped matte tins with acetate  lids
heart #6114/ round #6113

Price: $3.00 each

transparent favor boxes
Details: clear acetate boxes allow the contents to be seen
Size: available in cone and pillowboxes, or custom shapes
Price: from $2.50 each

noodle boxes
Details: plain white, or made-to-order to fit your scheme. Can be printed with your message

Price: from $2.00 each

lovebird salt & pepper
Details: gift box reads “love, rest, dream, nest” glazed white porcelain, nestled in wood straw
#8873 Size: 4 cm tall
Price: $9.00 set

engagement key ring
Details: giant “diamond” engagement ring keychain in gift box
Size: box 4x5 cm tall
Price: $8.00 each

favor tin w- solid lid
Details: mini or larger round matte metallic tins with solid lid
#6115 mini / #6116 large
Price: from $2.50 each

personalised chocolate
Details: chocolate bar favors Local production means total flexibility in design - even personal messages on each bar
Price: from $2.50 each

personalised stationery
Details: create stylish one-of-a- kind stationery sets for a unique and practical favor

Price: $POA

Thinking outside of the boxes...

Details: high quality labels to personalise anything: cool water at the beach, keepsake gifts, etc

Price: $POA

heart hand warmer
Details: re-useable mini hot pack printed with “our heart-felt thanks”
Size: heart 8x8 cm
Price: $6.00 each

wine stopper
Details: available in heart, double heart, diamante, crown, butterfly, leaf and more
gift packaged
Price: $11.00 each

bird house
Details: pkt4 asstd. mini birdhouse love-nests
Size: 11x8x11 cm tall
Price: $31.00 set of 4

love is cool mints
Details: heart shaped sugar-free mints in a plastic
#8556 sweet senti-mints /clear
#8555 love is cool / blue lid
Price: $3.50 each

fridge bling
Details: three “diamond” fridge magnets in retro styled fridge box #8696
Size: box 6x8 cm
Price: $5.00 / box

love keys
love is the key magnets
Details: keyboard key style magnet set spells L O V E plus return key. #8552
Size: 5x6.5 cm set
Price: $7.00

measuring tape
Details: steel case, 4 meter tape with metric and imperial markings. #8425
Size: 6cm dia. 4 m tape
Price: $7.00

Details: a practical gift for guests in Nelson summer sun
Size: 70 cm / 82 cm diameter
Price: from $45.00
discount for orders of 10 or more

paper plane / glider
Details: individually packaged, “love is in the air” #8671
Size: package 8x2.5x6 cm tall
Price: $2.50 each

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