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Top off your cake with a keepsake that reflects your personalities:
downstairs after   095
Customise a “mini-me” couple
from WeddingStar’s range of mix’n’match
bride and groom figurines,

display your new initials with a
custom designed monogram
or decorate your cake with an elegant symbol celebrating exactly who you are

Romance in the Rain
Details: Bride [complete with gumboots] and groom smooching under an umbrella.

Price: $108.00 set

My Main Squeeze
Details: Bride and groom embracing, [each sneaking a secret grope of the other]

Price: $108.00 set

Personalised Toppers + $35

Bride and groom hair or skin colours can be custom coloured:
HAIR: ash-blonde, ginger, auburn, brown, black, grey.
SKIN: pale, coffee, tan

Other details, such as rugby socks, bicycle frame etc may also be able to be custom coloured. POA

Please allow an additional 3 weeks for delivery of custom orders.

Fairytale Romance
Details: Groom sweeping his bride off her feet in a classical romantic pose

Price: $108.00 set

Heart Topper
Details: Glazed ceramic stylized heart keepsake topper which can later double as a bookend or mantel ornament. #7031
Size: 19x15.3 cm tall
Price: $80.00

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Still in Love Topper
Details: Mature couple,
old-fashioned romance.
Great for an anniversary cake.

Price: $108.00 set 

Lend a Hand Topper
Details: Groom reaching to lend his bride a hand, while she reaches up to her one true love.
Size:    #7096 Bride 14cm tall
   #7095  Groom 9cm tall
Price: $54.00 each

Just a Kiss Topper 2
Details: Bride and Groom in a relaxed romantic moment.
Hand painted porcelain.
#7085 caucasian or tan
Size: 10x8x13cm tall
Price: $108.00 set

Just a Kiss Topper 1
Details: Bride and Groom in a relaxed romantic moment.
Hand painted porcelain.
Caucasian or Tan #6080
Size: 10x8x13cm tall
Price: $79.00 set

LoveBirds Topper
Details:  Two white birds that nestle together or stand separately
Glazed porcelain   #8458
Size: l2cm tall, 16cm wide [set]
Price: $92.00 pair

Paradise Theme Topper
Details: Tropical beach or own backyard, this couple are a fresh and relaxed alternative to the traditional topper #7101
Size: l3 cm tall
Price: $92.00 set

Beach Topper
Details: Barefoot groom and  bride, tracing a heart in the sand with her finger
Size: l3x8 cm tall
Price: $92.00 set

Honeymoon Topper
Details: Drive off into the sunset. Tiny tin cans tied to the bumper decorate the car in style
Size: 15x7.5.8 cm tall
Price: $108.00

Motorbike Getaway
Details: Seated on a classic bike with “Just Married” plates and streamers tied to the fender
Size: 14.5x9x13 cm tall
Price: $108.00

Take my Hand Topper
Details: Natural white glazed porcelain figurine.

Size: 14.5 cm tall
Price: $92.00

Love Pinch Topper
Details: Poised and elegant from the front, the back view reveals a little hidden pinch
Size: l4.25 cm tall
Price: $108.00 set

Expectant Topper
Details: A  couple celebrating two important milestones - a wedding and a new addition to the family. #8654
Size: l4 cm tall
Price: $108.00 set

Country Embrace
Details: A little modern flair combined with down home country flavors make a whimsical mix. #8514
Size: l5 cm tall
Price: $108.00 set

Rugby Couple Topper
Details: The classic kiwi icon, featuring a couple ready to tackle anything together
Size: 13.25 cm tall
Price: $92.00 set

Celtic Claddagh
Details: Irish blessing under base: May your hands be forever blessed in friendship and your hearts joined forever in love
Size: 14 cm tall. base 12x4 cm
# 6086 Price: $92.00

Golfer Topper
Size: 15 cm tall
#7097 caucasian bride
#7098 dark skinned bride
#7099 caucasian  groom
#710 dark skinned groom
$54.00 each 

More grooms
Details: soccer, hockey, golf, even an internet geek
#8447 soccer groom
#8455 geek groom
#8511 hockey groom
$54.00 each

Ski Couple Topper
Details:Complete with ski poles and wedding bouquet this couple is set to hit the slopes together # 8668
Size: 14 cm tall
Price: $92.00 set

Rugby Tackle Topper
Details: A lighthearted kiwi themed topper. Bride in white gown tackling her groom.

Price: $108.00 set

Trinity Knot Topper
Details: Irish blessing under base: May your hands be forever blessed in friendship and your hearts joined forever in love
Size: 14 cm tall. base 12x4 cm
# 6085 Price: $62.00

> How to order something from this site <

monogram italic
Custom Monogram
Details: cut to order in your choice of font style. Red, black, silver, gold
Size: 10-18cm tall, sized proportionally to your cake

Price: $135.00 each

Brushed Silver Monogrm
Details: All 26 letters [capitals  only] plus “&” symbol available. #6065-? 8 cm tall $26.00 each
#6066-? 10 cm tall $32.00 each

replace ? with letter or symbol

Retro-comic Topper
Details: Sculpted in poly resin and hand painted
Size:14 cm tall
Price: $55.00

Starfish Topper
Details: Complement a beach themed wedding with this white bisque starfish topper with shells at the base. # 8559
Size: 13x5x15 cm tall
Price: $45.00

Doves Topper
Details: Glazed porcelain doves on a white flower base.

Size: 17 cm tall
Price: $62.00

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