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DSC_7003Sandra Johnson Boutique Photography

Sandra Johnson

phone 03 544 9479    email Sandra

“... I want to work with you to help create and capture
a day that will still make you smile 20 years from now.
I want to bring all that I can to finding the unique blend of romance and fun that suits your personalities.
And, when you’re in the right space for you,
your smiles will be genuine,
and your photos gorgeous!...”

10Jan Nadin&Tino 411

Everyone says they hate posing and they just want someone to capture the emotion of their day. 
But what if it's actually stress that's written all over your faces? 
And what if you're a bit sensitive about those '10lbs the camera adds to your body'. 

Drawing out the emotion that's really in your heart,
and subtle, gentle posing that takes pounds OFF you, are aspects many photographers miss.

I aim to make your day thoroughly enjoyable so that you're relaxed enough to be 'real' with the love of your life, even in public.  My study of modeling techniques brings a gentle expertise to
your photo-shoot that'll competently accentuate the positive!

I'm a mine of information about wedding photography
in the Nelson region so don't try to work it all out yourself.

Jump on my website and look through the 'tip and tricks' pages,
and at the location slideshows.


Call me anytime!  I'm here to work with you to fashion the day of your dreams!

When planning your wedding, think about capturing every aspect of your event -
and that's not just the  wedding day itself !

It doesn’t have to be expensive to add an engagement shoot, hen's night, post wedding bbq, 
and  drown the gown - capturing every moment of your journey..

How did Sandra Johnson Boutique Photography get started?

 In 2002, I was asked to photograph a simple park wedding.  Soon, enquiries were rolling in and Boutique Photography was born. Wedding photography is now both my business and my passion.

Sandra Johnson Boutique Photography in five words:

Personable, tailored, dependable, enthusiastic, experienced.



The Wedding Whisperer’s Corner Store, cnr Waimea Road and Rutherford Street, Nelson,  
phone   +64 3 545 7531           txt  angel:  021 027 04638         email   info@theweddingwhisperer.co.nz

all local images courtesy Sandra Johnson Boutique Photography, unless stated otherwise           copyright 2009 The Wedding Whisperer LTD.  All Rights Reserved.